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LOA Guild Level 25

Check WoW Community Armory for current info.

Also check out our Arena teams:
"Legion of Ashlar"       5v5
   Team Leader: Open
"Crusaders of Ashlar"  5v5
   Team Leader: Antonio
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Michinate - Moderator
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Welcome to the Legion of Ashlar (Horde) & Legion of Ashlar II (Alliance)
Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will become an active member of our Legion of Ashlar Group of Guilds.  We have four guilds, with two active, appropriately named Legion of Ashlar, Legion of Ashlar II (Alliance), Legion of Ashlar III, and Crusaders of Ashlar. Legion of Ashlar (Horde) and Legion of Ashlar II (Alliance) are active.

Because Blizzard has raised it's cap for guilds from 500 to 1000 our main guild for members is now Legion of Ashlar (Horde) and Legion of Ashlar II (Alliance). COA and LOA III will be reserved for guild bank storage. The COA bank contains high lvl end game content items that can be requested by members of the Pretorian Guard rank. LOA III bank is for overflow stroage from LOA. Items from there are available to all members by request or for those who have toons in that guild. 

We are a 'Family' guild, dedicated to having fun playing the game.  Members of our guild are Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Grandchildren, from ages 8 to 80, helping each other to become better players, people and always having fun. Respect and help each other.

After you become a member you will learn that this website becomes an important tool in your guild participation. When you register more webiste information will become available. Only registered members have full access to the website such as the Forums section.  Once you are registered, you will be promoted from Guest to Gladitator and then you will have access to Gold for Repairs, which is very generous.

As we venture into the land of Azeroth, remember we constantly carry our character name and guild name with us. Thus we must show honor and respect to all we meet including Alliance characters to whom we can give an "Honorable" death.  :)

When you join the Legion of Ashlar get to know the members, the officers and become active.  If you desire to lead or help those at a lower level than you, one night a week, take that step and help them. 

For The Horde!  -- Dkcommander


Achievements are very important for your character and for the Guild.  As a Guild we need to finish Stay Classy Achievement, with the end result of buying our 8th Vault.
Stay Classy: We need the following 85 level toons, if you know of one, please invite into the guild, if you decide to create a toon, please send me an email (in game).
Orcs (Mage), Trolls (Priest & Warlock), Undead (Warrior), Goblins (Warlock & Hunter)

To complete the Dungeons of Northrend (heroic)
Ocullus, Trial of the Champion, and Halls of Reflection
Other Guild News
Raiding News
By Michinate, Jan 28, 12 12:03 PM

Level 85? Want to raid? Dragon Soul and LFR?

While we are in the progress of finding a raid leader for our guild, I invite you to join our partner guild, Collected Souls, in raiding and some gear getting. Requirements are easy, no hardcore 'jerks' or drama, willingness to show up on time, wi... Read More

Looking For Raid
By Michinate, Dec 4, 11 12:26 PM

Every Tuesday (tentatively Thursday, as well), I will be queing for the the new Looking For Raid finder. Any level 85 with ilvl 372 is welcome to que along with me. I have 6 alts so will be doing 6 runs. While you can kill the bosses as many times as you want, there is no raid lockout, you can only ... Read More

RAID Leader Needed
By Michinate, Jul 27, 11 1:30 PM

Okay We need to start raiding. We need someone who wants to take charge, lead & organize raids, has knowledge about wow and all classes, knows boss fights, and, generally, can motivate our level 85's. If you would like a chance, contact DKcommander or Michinate in game. Right now, we have spots ... Read More

Contact Changes
By Michinate, Jan 8, 11 2:28 PM

Due to personal reasons, my toon, Joninate, will be the new raid coordinator. She will be able to get any materials that our raid leaders need and answer any questions about raids. If you need to schedule a raid, you may do it in the in-game calendar or let me know and I will add it to the website c... Read More

LOA & Fort Modus
By Michinate, Jan 3, 11 5:23 PM

Michinate is working hard to set up an in-game war game with our friend guild, Fort Modus. They do war games every Sunday and often need extra help. If you are interested in joining, wow mail Mich or her priest, Krystinate and let's have some fun.

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